Transform Notion
into websites. Turn unprofessional Notion URLs into your sexy domain

Notion is a workspace for your notes, docs and tasks — now use it for your public website, blog, or wiki, instantly published, under your own custom domain.
  • Custom domains and fonts

  • Analytics and live chat

  • Super fast, SEO optimised

Own your content under your own domain

Visitors are confused if they're directed to a different domain — reassure them by hosting it on your own site. You own all the SEO benefits and future traffic that results. And the social sharing tags feature your content – not an advert for Notion. Turn unprofessional Notion URLs into your sexy domain

All managed within Notion

Need to fix a typo? Easy, just edit and it's now public immediately. No more copy-pasting into your blogging platform. Effortless publishing means you're more productive, creating content early and often.

Everything needed to make it work as a website

It's good to go, out of the box and you're welcome to customize the fonts, add live chat in the corner or add Google Analytics – whatever you need to make it your website.

Packaged up as a website